Security Light Costs

Effective January 1, 2019


Wattages Available Monthly Charge
70 Watt Light $6.10 plus tax
175 Watt Light $8.45 plus tax
250 Watt Light $11.20 plus tax
400 Watt Light $15.00 plus tax
Any person desiring the installation of a security light may apply at the BMU office and shall state on such application the location of the light and the wattage desired.
The light shall be installed on an existing pole or structure and connected to the utility lines without metering.  If the pole or structure does not meet requirements of the area to be lighted, the necessary material will be furnished by the city and charges for labor and material will be made upon completion of the installation.  If the light is requested to be removed in less than two years, a $60.00 service fee will be applied.
The light will remain the property of Brookings Municipal Utilities and will be maintained by Brookings Municipal Utilities for no additional cost to the customer.