Historic photo of lineman working on powerline.


Our Story

Brookings Municipal Utilities (BMU) has proudly served the Brookings community with electric, water and wastewater services since 1893. It was at that time, the citizens of Brookings voted to put these vital services in the care of our city officials. In 1899, telephone services were first brought into the community by a private business, but in 1903, the citizens of Brookings once again voted for the City to assume the operation of these services.

These enterprise funds were managed and controlled by the City of Brookings until 1970, when the community voted to vest management and control in an autonomous, five member, Utility Board, appointed by the Mayor and City Commission.

Today, BMU continues to proudly serve the Brookings community with reliable, quality power, water, wastewater and communication services. We have progressed over the years and have expanded our products and services but our commitment to the community holds true and is at the heart of all that we do. Our goal is to serve our customers in the very best and most economical way possible. We are committed to exceeding your expectations as your utility and telecommunications provider.

A History of the Brookings Municipal Utilities - By the People, For the People

This book, a history of the Brookings Municipal Utilities, provides an overview of the origin and development of the municipal utilities that have served the community of Brookings. It is the result of the efforts of many people, who, over a period of several years, realized the value of recording the history of an organization that has provided essential services to the community, a generous return to its owners - the people of Brookings - and the livelihood to scores of families.

BMU History Book
Image of History Book front cover.