How to Read My Bill

What do the charges on my BMU bill mean?

Sample BMU Utility Bill

Account Information

This area gives a brief overview of your account, the number of days in the billing period, the date the bill was generated, and the date the bill is due.

  • Service Address: location where the service is provided
  • Number of Days Billed: number of days of usage that the bill covers
  • Billing Date: Date the bill is prepared
  • Due Date: Date the bill is due
Image of the Account Information section of BMU's utility bill.

Special Message

This section would show any special messages from BMU for the month. This is also the location for Budget Billing customers to watch their budgeted amount each month.

Image of the Special Message section of BMU's utility bill.

Meter Reading

  • Meter Type: your type of meter at your service address
  • Previous Reading: date of your previous reading and the meter reading
  • Current Reading: date the meter was read for this current billing and the meter reading
  • Usage: the consumption you are being billed for
Image of the Meter Reading section of BMU's utility bill.

Current Charges

This section shows the current charges for the utilities being billed on this statement.

Image of the Current Charges section of BMU's utility bill.

Consumption Graph

This section will show a graph representing your electric and/or water consumption for a one year rolling period by months.

Image of the Consumption Graph section of BMU's utility bill.

Bill Summary

  • Previous Balance: balance from the previous billing
  • Payments Received: payments received since the last billing
  • Adjustments: any adjustments to your bill
  • Other Charges: any additional charges to your bill
  • Current Charges: charges for this billing period
  • Total Amount Due: total amount due on your account including any past due amount
Image of the Bill Summary section of BMU's utility bill.

Payment Coupon

Please indicate the amount paid and return the bottom portion with your payment if dropped off or mailed.

Image of the Payment Coupon section of BMU's utility bill.


If you have questions regarding your bill, service, or want to learn more regarding your billing.

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