Commercial Water Rates


Effective January 1, 2021


Meter Size Minimum Rate
5/8″  $                      19.45
3/4″  $                      19.45
1″  $                      19.45
1 – 1/4″  $                      61.25
1 – 1/2″  $                      61.25
2″  $                      90.60
3″  $                    175.90/td>
4″  $                    269.65
6″  $                    524.00
8″  $                    896.00
10″  $                 1,276.00
Usage Charge $2.960 per 100 cu. ft.


 Each customer will be assigned a Summer Peak Usage Adjustment Level (SPUAL).  The SPUAL will be set at an amount equal to 300% of the greater of the Winter Residential City Monthly Average (WRCMA) or the average of the customer’s most recent monthly usage for the months of December through March at the customer’s current residence.  The WRCMA will be calculated each year (rounded up to the nearest tenth) after the billing cycle is run in March, from usage data for the December through March billing periods of the immediately preceding three years.

Any customer who does not have water usage history with the utility at the premises at which he or she has requested service shall be assigned the WRCMA for purposes of computing their SPUAL. 

 All water consumed above the assigned summer peak usage adjustment level during the months of July, August and September will be provided at the rate of two times the published rate per 100 cu. ft. of water.

Rural water rates for customers connected to the Aurora distribution line are determined by multiplying the applicable consumption rate and service charge by a factor 1.25.

The Utility reserves the right to at any time to restrict the use of said water, and now approves the use of water for the purpose of irrigating, sprinkling or watering lawns on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for properties whose U.S. Postal address is an even number, and only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for properties whose U.S. Postal address is an odd number.

The use of water for flower or vegetable gardens, shrubs, hanging or potted plants, washing cars, filling kiddie wading pools, etc. is unrestricted.

 A $50.00 fee shall be applied when any water meter is reinstalled.