Interruptible Electric Rates


Effective January 1, 2022

Customer Charge  $              200.00
Per KWH  $              0.0410
Per KW  $                 7.90
Available to customers with demand of 50 KW or greater.  Under this rate, the customer must agree to have their electric service disconnected when the Utility’s electric system is approaching or in danger of reaching a peak condition.  The Utility will give a 15-minute warning before disconnecting load.  Fifteen minutes after the warning the Utility will automatically disconnect all customer load which is on the interruptible rate.  Customers must remain in this rate class for a minimum of 12 months.
Load Factor Adjustment:  If the customer’s load factor for the month (as determined by measurement) is less than 55%, the billing rate will be increased by multiplying the energy and demand rates by 55% and dividing by the average monthly load factor expressed in percent as illustrated in the following formula.
If LF<55% then Adjusted Energy & Demand Billing Rate = Billing Rate x 55%/LF
Notwithstanding the above the maximum applicable energy rate shall be $0.093/KWH and demand rate shall be $20.35/KW.  Otherwise the Billing Rate = Billing Rate.
Conditions:  The customer must sign an agreement stating that he/she will be on this rate for at least 12 months.  Should the customer request to be removed from this rate prior to expiration of the 12-month period, the customer shall be back billed for all usage at the rate he/she normally would have been on.  Back billing shall be retroactive for the number of months the customer was on interruptible rate not to exceed 12 months.  This provision shall be waived if ownership should change within the 12-month period, and the new owner shall have the option of staying on the interruptible rate or going back to the regular rate.