Press Release:

Press Release: Residents are reminded to ensure sump pumps are being routed
outside as the 6th Street construction project begins.
April 28th, 2020- On May 4th the joint utility project between the Department of
Transportation (DOT), City of Brookings and Brookings Municipal Utilities is scheduled
to begin and will take place along U.S. Highway 14 (6th Street), between Main Avenue
and Medary Avenue. Part of Brookings Municipal Utilities’ scope of work will be to
replace the sanitary sewer lines on 6th Street. During this time, it will be important that
Brookings residents have their sump pumps routed outside. Doing so will aid in the
sanitary sewer line replacement as the flow will be less by not having sump pumps
discharging in the sanitary sewer lines.
While this request applies to all Brookings residents, specifically the area of town north
of 6th Street to 11th Street and between 5th Avenue and 12th Avenue is of particular focus
with this project due to how sanitary sewer lines are engineered. As a reminder, it is
against utility rules and city ordinance for Brookings wastewater customers to route sump
pumps into the sanitary sewer system after March 15th. Residents are allowed to route
sump pumps into the sanitary sewer starting on October 15th.
Residents are asked to contact Kelly Meyer at 697.8418 with any questions.

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